This holiday season, give your community the gift of Hip Hop For Change! image

This holiday season, give your community the gift of Hip Hop For Change!

Culture is power. Join the fight for our culture today, and everyday.

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$50,000 goal

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Help us raise our $50,000 year end giving goal and step strong into 2022 with the support we need!

Give your community the greatest gift of all: Hip Hop For Change! HipHopForChange, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit that uses grassroots activism to educate people about socio-economic injustices and advocate solutions through Hip Hop Culture. We’ve educated 25,000+ students around the world (K-12 and university level), thrown 100+ free all-age social justice events, and employed 1000+ people from the community with grassroots jobs. We are building a base of self-determination, where the community controls the cultural narratives, values, and means of production. And we won’t stop until we take the game back!

Our mission is dedicated to amplifying marginalized voices through art, creativity, and music to speak truth to power. We aim to create a culture of community care and deepen our relationship with our community to foster impact and culture change. Culture is power, and we recognize the work that needs to be done and the strategies that must be implemented to create a culture shift in our community. These past two years, we’ve been able to partner with local organizations that are committed to supporting and uplifting our youth. Join the fight for our culture by donating to our Hip Hop Holiday campaign today!

Your contributions are going directly towards:

  • HH4C Hunter’s Point Art Space for all things Hip Hop and visual art
  • HH4C Recording Studios & our Pipeline To Positivity Program for transitional youth
  • Afro-Asian Solidarity free public events and educational workshops in schools
  • Grassroots work, Hip Hop education, and free social justice community events
  • Our Annual Winter Clothing Drive
  • COVID-19 relief to help sustain operational costs

Recovering from COVID-19:

As it stands, these past two years have been pivotal and challenging for our organization. And yet, the demand for our educational programming has never been greater. We’ve been working tirelessly and endlessly to ensure our survival in order to preserve and continue our work in providing quality education rooted in Hip Hop culture and self-determination to our youth.

By donating to Hip Hop For Change, you are gifting the community with quality Hip Hop and arts education, job opportunities, and free social justice events. Community investment and empowerment are the gifts that our community desperately need, especially during this pandemic.

Thank you so much for your support. Happy Hip Hop Holidays to you and your loved ones! Please stay safe and healthy! We want to emphasize how thankful we are to have donors like you supporting us. As a BIPOC led nonprofit organization, it can be difficult to branch into such a non-diverse and elitist industry without the connections or capital. Our current organizational initiative is to create a network within our community that can help us gather the resources that sustain our work. When we are able to maintain financial sovereignty, we are able to create resources for others. Your support has allowed this infrastructure to be possible for us, and has supported our communities’ initiatives to foster creation and dismantle oppression.


Your Hip Hop For Change Family