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Give back & give Black this Black History Month!

Help fund a FREE recording studio for Bay Area youth to emotionally and creatively express themselves.

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Join the fight for our culture by funding Hip Hop & social justice education!

Corporate media presents Hip Hop music and Culture as a grotesque array of negative stereotypes that embrace criminality, sexism, homophobia, gross materialism, and domination culture. These false representations of Black people are rooted in white supremacy and serve to justify police brutality, systemic racism, and the criminalization of BIPOC communities.

To enhance opportunities for BIPOC communities in the Bay Area, Hip Hop For Change is reclaiming Hip Hop Culture as a vehicle for education, empowerment, and cultural innovation. The goal and objective of our education program is to inspire youth to have a new look at Hip Hop as a vehicle of healthy self-expression and community empowerment, as a means to navigate through the challenges that they are facing. We have provided Hip Hop and social justice education to over 25,000 students across the nation and the world, from the Bay Area to El Salvador.

  • In 2020, Hip Hop For Change was awarded the William J. Zellerbach Award For Social Change and the SF Symphony's Ellen Magnin Newman Award.

RECENT PROJECT: We are currently building a FREE RECORDING STUDIO in Oakland, California for youth to explore their creative passions, heal from their collective trauma, and learn about true Hip Hop Culture rooted in peace, love, unity, and having fun!

Hip Hop For Change Studios will also be utilized as a safe space to help Oakland transitional youth reintegrate themselves back into our community. We believe that culturally relevant re-entry programs can offer effective methods for sustainable reform. Hip Hop For Change will be partnering with Alameda County Detention Center under the purview of the Alameda County Probation Department in connecting their Oakland youth to our resources, artists, and organizations as a part of their reintegration process.

Let’s give the youth the free studio they deserve! Donate today!

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: “Black history is American History.” At HH4C, we teach students across the nation and the world about real American history and how it was shaped by Black leaders and freedom fighters. We give them history that speaks to their diverse cultures and experiences because representation in education is fundamental to academic achievement.

Oddly enough, Blackness which is often always ridiculed, rejected, and demonized any other month of the year is celebrated in February. Celebrating Blackness, in all of its diverse and diasporic forms across the world is something revolutionary in itself. While the Black experience is often characterized by adversity and hardship, we mustn’t forget that the Black story is also one of great resilience, triumph, and unparalleled beauty. Black people are and have always been the roses that grew from the concrete. Today, and every day, we celebrate Blackness in all of its forms. Please donate today to our Black History Month Campaign to help us continue the fight for Black dreams and Black futures!