Keep Hip Hop For Change alive through 2021! image

Keep Hip Hop For Change alive through 2021!

Fund a FREE art space for youth in Hunter's Point, San Francisco!

$7,892 raised

$250,000 goal

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We're taking back our culture. You in?

Hip Hop For Change needs YOUR help to help us get through 2021, and we need a total of $250,000 to keep our inspirational work going.

Our mission is to build a sovereign organization that can produce Hip Hop at a level of authenticity and access, that the corporate industry cannot replicate. We uplift our most empowered voices in the Hip Hop and Activist community, with the power and protection of our 501c3 status to create an economic base of self-determination, and take back the ownership of what Hip Hop truly means to the community it originates from.

As we continue to expand as an organization, we're very proud to announce a new HH4C visual art workspace right in the heart of the Hunter's Point neighborhood of San Francisco. This new community space will be dedicated to teaching youth all forms of Hip Hop visual art, hosting events, workshops and programming on Graffiti, graphic design and T-Shirt screen printing as well as fashion design, set design, photography and music video production.

By contributing to our campaign, you are funding:

  • HH4C Hunter’s Point Art Space
  • HH4C Studios & our Pipeline To Positivity Program
  • Afro-Asian Solidarity workshops in schools
  • COVID-19 relief to help sustain operational costs

We're beyond excited to offer the young people of our community new spaces to safely express their creativity for the world to see. All in the new of Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun. Please support us and join the fight for our culture!